Monday, 27 March 2017



I am sour like a strawberry. I am a sweet like a watermelon. I'm a strawberry and watermelon mixed into a jelly. I am a beautiful Autumn leave falling from the big tree. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bean Report 2016

Bean Report 2016 

Many people have gardens do you have one 
I wonder how a bean can grow without soil ?
So kiri our teacher presented me with a bean and she said this is your baby take good care of it .

I hypothesise was that my bean needed lots of water because it doesn't have soil .

Step 1 . I got a observation sheet and glued it in my book .
Step 2 . Then I got my bean from kiri .
Step 3 . And once I got my bean I museum it . 
Step 4 . Then kiri gave me a Petri dish .
Step 5 . Then I got tissue and wet it with water .
Step 6 . Then I put everything into the Petri dish .

When I started it was on 09/08/2016 of August , size it was 1.2 mm Long and 1 mm wide , colour was white with a bit of grey , texture was smooth and the shape was like a little ear but with no leafs . 

Something I learnt was that beans doesn't need soil to grow .

 And this is how you grow a bean without soil you will need :
Petri dish or plastic bag

. By Jessika .



Tena Koutou
Ko Aoraki Te maunga 
Ko Ōtākaro Te awa
Ko Waimairi Te kura
Ko Ngāti Aotearoa Te iwi 
Ko Gavin taku papa 
Ko Carmen taku mama 
Nō Ōtautahi ahau 
Ko Jessika taku igoa 
Tena Koutou , tena Koutou , tena Koutou 

Acrostic poem

Easy having fun 
Super happy 
Ice cream

Trampolining  fun
Ice cool 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

This is my boomerang story

This is my boomerang story …
My boomerang story is about a mum kangaroo and a baby kangaroo to find their family.

The mum kangaroo and the baby kangaroo walked to a water hole and that's where they met a dad, mum and baby platypus. Then they walked past two big trees. They looked up and saw two koala’s eating some bamboo then the koalas looked down and said hi and the kangaroo said bye. After they had meet the koala’s they went to a forest that they went to all the time with their family.  They got there and they went to sleep  for the night. The next day it was raining. They were not happy so they stayed in the forest one more night. Then the next day it was very hot and sunny so they walked a long time before they got home to their family. Their family were so happy to have them home .

By Jessika .

Tell The Truth

Tell The Truth 

Have you ever lied before and gotten away with it because I have. 

So like if you were cleaning  your room and you found something that your mum and dad didn't know about, would you tell them?  I wouldn't if I was you, but that means lying. I don't what to get in trouble, but everyone gets in trouble at least once in their life .

So I was cleaning my room and I found something that my mum and dad didn't know about and I didn't tell them and then they came into see if my room was clean.  They looked where I never thought they  would look there under my bed and they saw piles and piles and PILES of clothes and I got in big trouble over a month or two, I don't know it was year ago .

Like if you smashed a window playing with a ball and you blame it on your brother or sister they would get in trouble but you will regret in the end maybe or maybe not .

So I was running with the ball and I threw it to my friend but I missed her and smashed the window. I said it was my friend and they didn't believe that so I got in big trouble but she had to leave right away.

“And here's a quote about lying”
 ( Don't lie to someone who trusts you . Never trust someone who lies to you )

Like if you smashed a plate and blame it on your brother or sister they would get in trouble, but do you want that? No, you don't or maybe you do .

Did you know 60% of adults can’t have a ten minute conversation without lying at least once . 

So when I was little I smashed a plate and blamed it on my big brother because I didn't want to get in trouble,  but that means I'm lying. Now I know not to lie .

But when it comes to you in your life, have you ever lied before? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't but in the end you will regret lying because I have and I think that lying isn't a good idea . 

So stop lying , lying is bad to do .

. By Jessika .

Discovery Time T2 W11

Discovery Time 
Week 11 - term 2 

Today at discovery time I did cricket with Jack , Oliver , Jackson , Sean , Ollie N and Grace too and we did it on the field Tuesday the 5 of the 7 of 2016 .

My struggle was to hit the ball right because I couldn't hit it right .

What I learn about myself was that I like cricket and maybe play it again but not really it's not my sports because I don't get it .

What I need to work on is hitting right because I would just go a little bit out and all my friends went right right right out or they just went a little bit out from me .

Overall I enjoyed it because I played with new people I don't play and it was cricket .

.By  Jessika.